Dreaming of Hummus

Beautifully written and informative, “Dreaming of Hummus” has my taste buds yearning.

Vegan in the City

Standing on a sidewalk in New York City’s East Village on a warm June day, I look upward into the maze-like fretwork of that most iconic city structure- the apartment fire escape. I can see something moving above me soI squint intothe sun. It’s not Tony and Maria from West Side Story or Audrey Hepburn singing in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but a basket, descending slowly, held by a rope. Inside sits a container.

This ingenious device is Michal Gamily’s solution to our current imperative for contactless delivery. In it, her heavenly creation, mashawsha, is delivered daily to a legion of fans.

Mashawsha, also known as Msabbaha, is a kind of hummus that’s popular in Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan. Literally meaning “swimming” in Arabic, mashawsha is a sublime mixture of whole, warm chickpeas that “swim” in gently spiced hummus and olive oil.

Israeli-bornGamilyis a longtime resident of the East Village…

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